Plane Relationship Flowchart

often, such as frogs, depth adjustment screws and lateral adjustment levers. This method doesn’t assure that you are going to date your airplane correctly, as

Plane Feature Timeline to verify the sort. Stanley was absolutely not lacking in its appetite for block planes, providing models and variations of models in each measurement and flavor imaginable.

Where potential, the flowchart uses parts that have been in all probability replaced much less

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identifiable markings, and it in all probability wasn’t replaced that always. Machined pads on the bottom casting on the frog connection look good. I’ve seen a lot of pressed metal yokes in the past which have made the instruments poor.

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is to make use of the flowchart to date your airplane, and then visit the

Stanley block planes demystified

add them to the flowchart…) If you discover errors or

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to hypertext. Ok, the raised ring bit threw me because of the coloring on the picture. Old and warfare 12 months planes typically are missing some dates and patents etc.

Trying to determine out all the models and variations is exasperating. For detailed specs on each mannequin, please check my Block Plane Chart and the Block Plane Dating page. The flowchart begins by asking questions concerning the forged iron bed of your

Can you help me i dentify my great grandfather’s plane?

For many years, one of